Originally from South London, I now live in Bristol and have done since 1979 after escaping from the ever growing mega-city that is Greater London.

The first ever camera I owned was a box Brownie, given to me by father. I guess I didn't do much with it then, mainly because I was only about seven or eight at the time, but it (along with my trusty sketch pad) engendered in me a love of the visual image which I still have today.
After a succession of film cameras culminating when I was about seventeen with a rather clunky Zenit E 35mm SLR, I found myself doing a stint at art school where I learned to actually use a camera and how to process and print black and white film. I think my on/off love affair with photography began at that point in my life.
There's something utterly magical about sitting in a darkroom watching one's very first image emerge from invisibility in the developing tray in front of one's own eyes.

It wasn't until many years later, however, with the advent of digital technology, that I was able to put this passion into practice and reignite my learning process, hopefully elevating the mere snapshot into something....well, more: something emotive, personal and beautiful.

Being able to take complete control of the whole image production from start to finish is, I think, something I'd been waiting for for a very long time.
My dormant love of photographic imaging was re-awakened.

Thanks for taking the time to join me in my photographic adventures.
I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of our beautiful world through my eyes.

I'll be adding to the portfolios as time and opportunities allow so please do drop by again soon.

Prints are available, should you wish to purchase any of these images and you can find details on the Prices page.

Best wishes and may the light be with you,