Still alive!
01st November 2016
Well, serious photographic excursions have been few and far between for far longer than I care to recall or even think about!
I have, however, managed to accumulate some new additions to the site.
Some with the full rig (camera, bag of lenses, filters, tripod, dog, cat, canary, kitchen sink and so on), and some from just the occasional walkabout with just a camera and a lens or two.

So, I'm very happy to announce that a few new images have (at last) been added to the Latest Additions portfolio.
There are some more to come and also larger versions of the panoramic images, when time allows over the next few days.

So thanks for looking in and please call back soon!

Best wishes and may the light be with you.

Back in action!
25th January 2015
Well, 2014 was a very lean year for me photographically for various reasons and which I hope to rectify this year.

I was able to bag a few frames and I'm pleased to announce that some new images are now presented in the Latest Additions portfolio and also in new portfolio created especially for a wonderful event I was able to attend with my lovely wife, Bee, and which had a very positive effect on my missing mojo!
New portfolio
07th June 2013
I've added a new portfolio entitled "Latest Additions" which contains.... guess what?!?

Yep, the latest additions to the site.
New and previously unseen images will live here for a while before migrating to their respective niches.

New images added
13th May 2013
Some more images have been added to the Landscapes in Colour gallery and also larger views have been enabled in the Panoramic gallery.
Gosh; it's actually live!
10th May 2013
I've taken the plunge and finally switched the lights on in here!
More images will be added as I sift through my collection.
In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy....